WoW shoulder pads are just wrong!

December 5, 2010 by beerogre

I'm a big fan of Privateer Press... a really big fan! But every now and again they do something that makes me shake my head in despair.

PP have just put up the pictures of their latest offering for the Skorne faction from Hordes... Tyrant Vorkesh...

Look at the shoulder pads on that! There's a solo's worth of metal in each of those bad boys!

Now don't get me wrong, he might be awesome in the game. However, in my bitter experience, the meta-game here eats the Skorne Cetrati alive. If any of the Khador players around here (of which there are a few) even get a whiff of a tournament or suspect the possibility of an annoying Shield Wall unit, they immediately stock up on Winter Guard Mortars, Rocketeers and Destroyer Bombards, then have the redoubtable Supreme Kommandant Irusk run them with his infantry shredding Fire for Effect spell... good night Shield Wall!

In our local games, the only Shield Wall unit to make their points cost back has been the High Shield Gun Corp.

Those plucky Dwarves with their shields and rifles, Combined Ranged Attack and backed up by the Solid Ground spell (to let them ignore blast damage from pesky AoEs) are just the bee's knees, but in comparison, these Cataphract Cetrati are just sitting ducks... so I'm afraid unless the "Joan Collins of the Skorne world" can make his unit immune to blast damage, he's going to be in for some serious criticism... and not just for the stonking amount of metal used on his gaudy shoulder plates! How does he see what's happening to the left and right!

So what do you think? Am I being too critical... jumping the gun?

Let's face it, this guy has been sent for production, so there's no point in pleading with PP to change the sculpt. So what's the verdict of the baying masses?

BoW Andy

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