Zenit Take Nemesis to IndieGoGo

October 1, 2012 by dracs

Zenit Miniatures, makers of the stylish skirmish game Nemesis, are looking to expand their game with a new race, as well as a new second edition full colour rule book. All with the help of IndieGoGo.

Nemesis Artwork

So what sort of thing can we expect to come out of this? Well of course there is the new rulebook, but perhaps more exciting is the introduction of the new race; the Nephalites.

Nemesis - Nephalites

These guys certainly look to be interesting, appearing to be some sort of nature race which, from the looks of things, may employ a good deal of magic.

Zenit have included one more little incentive to all those thinking of pledging their support. Everyone who pledges their cash, no matter which perk they would receive, will be getting a new exclusive figure! The Hunter.

Nemesis - The Hunter

I don't think I really have to say much, this guy looks cool and I cannot wait to see how the miniature turns out.

If you want to help Nemesis take this next step head over to IndieGoGo and pledge your support today.

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