Zenit’s Nemesis Gets 2.0 Rulebook This November

October 21, 2013 by brennon

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If you've been interested in Kensei by Zenit Miniatures then you might also like their rather strange and wonderful Nemesis game too. This fantasy game has some very cool and original looking models and this November Rulebook 2.0 will be launched...

Nemesis Rulebook 2.0

The miniatures for the game are going to be created using a combination of metal and resin now instead of just metal and will feature a new class of creature called the Juggers. These mighty warriors will be true avatars of war according to Zenit so worth waiting for those I think!

As well as that the rules for their skirmish game have been adapted to become more dynamic. All the model profiles have been updated to make them more appealing to new comers.

Kingdom of God

Thousand Faces Cult

To top it all off they are also going to offer a starter set. It will be called Taleb's Defence and will come with models for the Kingdom of God and Thousand Faces Cult along with rules for using them.

It all sounds like it could be quite the upgrade!

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