Atlantis Miniatures Preview Their New Wood Elves!

May 14, 2019 by brennon

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Atlantis Miniatures has been showing off some amazing previews of their upcoming Wood Elf models. These will be coming to Kickstarter soon!

Wood Elf With Eagle - Atlantis Miniatures

My favourite miniature from the collection is this fellow with an eagle at the ready. For anyone who has already picked up their Dwarves, Monsters, Orcs or Goblins you'll know that this team really can deliver the detail that we're seeing here.

Wood Elf Spearman - Atlantis Miniatures

There is a good mix of different character types already being previewed with both martial options and those of more magical persuasions. For example, you have this rather awesome Druid who is summoning up the power of nature.

Wood Elf Druid - Atlantis Miniatures

As well as all of these male miniatures we're also seeing some great looking female miniatures in the mix too. I see this particular character as a Shaman perhaps, combining together skills with a blade and the ability to twist nature to her will.

Wood Elf Sorcerer - Atlantis Miniatures

The addition of little features like the wood-like and/or insect-like 'horns' on the head really help solidify that idea that these are elves who are one with the forest. Lastly from the current set of previews, we have this archer who is looking to take down an interloper into their realm.

Wood Elf Archer - Atlantis Miniatures

These miniatures are all looking utterly awesome and I cannot wait to see some of them painted up by either Atlantis Miniatures or some budding community members.

Whilst I do have a big love of Dwarves I am started to see just how awesome Elves can be, especially when they are portrayed like this.

Will you be picking these up on Kickstarter?

"There is a good mix of different character types already being previewed..."

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