Cubicle 7 Look Ahead To Age Of Sigmar Roleplaying In 2020

January 7, 2020 by brennon

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Cubicle 7 has been talking about what they have coming in 2020 as they bring roleplaying to the Mortal Realms and Age Of Sigmar. During Q1 of this year, we're going to see the new Age Of Sigmar: Soulbound Core Book dropping (in PDF form at least).

Soulbound Core Book - Cubicle 7

As you might have imagined, this book is going to contain everything you need to play as one of the Soulbound, warriors from all manner of different walks of life who have been joined together to undertake some great quest. From what we've learned over the past year via Cubicle 7's various preview articles, we have some fun stuff to look forward to when this lands.

Getting Started

You can also delve into the world of Age Of Sigmar shortly after the release of the Core Book with the Age Of Sigmar: Soulbound Starter Set. I really enjoyed the Starter Set that Cubicle 7 designed for Warhammer Fantasy Role-Play and it seems like this new entry is going to continue to provide a neat entry point into roleplaying.

Soulbound Starter Set - Cubicle 7

The set will see you playing as a selection of different pre-made characters who are wandering through the newly reclaimed city of Brightspear in Aqshy. There, you'll ally with the Celestial Warbringers and try to stop the forces of Chaos from destroying the city before it has taken its first breath.

Not only will you find a City Guide which details everything you need to know about Brightspear and the surrounding area but you'll also find a guide to the ancient citadel below the surface which Chaos calls home. Here is the rundown of the different components inside the set...

  • Introduction to roleplaying in the Age of Sigmar
  • Forty-eight-page learn-to-play introductory adventure
  • Sixty-four-page Brightspear City Guide
  • Five pre-generated characters
  • Rules reference sheets
  • Soulfire and Doom tokens
  • A set of six-sided dice

So, much like with the set for Warhammer Fantasy Role-Play, this is going to give you a lot to work with once you're done with the introductory adventure. There is a lot of content for you to get stuck into here and you should have lots of hints and tips for taking it to the next level. I am very interested to learn more from that Brightspear City Guide!

Shroud Your Intentions

Finally, there will also be a new Soulbound Game Master's Screen for you to use when hiding your intentions from your players!


This won't just be a piece which shows off a full look at Johan Grenier's artwork as it will also give you all manner of different tables and such on the reverse which will be useful during play. Also, you'll get some extra goodies within the pack...

  • The Gamemaster’s Screen: A four-panel landscape screen with stunning artwork depicting a group of Soulbound facing down an onslaught of Khorne Bloodbound and the Legions of Nagash. The interior screen contains an at-a-glance reference for the most used rules information, as well as NPC names and rumours for GMs to create adventures on the fly.
  • Cities of Flame: A thirty-two-page booklet of adventures set in some of the major cities in Aqshy: Anvilgard, Brightspear, Hallowheart, Hammerhal, and Tempest’s Eye. Includes a short introduction to each city as well as five one-page adventures per city, for a total of twenty-five adventures!

These extra booklets that you get with these screens are always useful! It is very cool that you get an extra twenty-five adventures in here to play around with and all of those peeks at the different cities in the realm of Aqshy. It's much better than just having a screen and little else!

What do you think of these options coming this year?

"What do you think of these options coming this year?"

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