Dinosaurs Go To War As Nerd Palace Announce Primeval Clash

May 7, 2019 by dracs

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This Friday, Nerd Palace Games are heading to Kickstarter to help fund their first skirmish miniatures game Primeval Clash, a game that asks the question "What's cooler than an Aztec riding a dinosaur?"

In their press release announcing the game's launch, Nerd Palace described the game as "a heroic-scale miniature game that allows players to wage war using armies of dinosaurs and other prehistoric animals, while representing ancient cultures modelled after historical civilizations."

Have you ever wondered what it might be like for a Norse berserker on a saber tooth tiger to invade ancient Egypt? Have you thought about who would win in a fight, nine dimetradons, or three triceratops? Or considered how the Aztecs might have prevented the colonial British conquest with an army of allosauruses and raptors?

The game itself is set to feature four factions, which will be part of the Kickstarter this May.

  • The Norse-like Kingdoms of Farheim

  • An ancient Egyptian empire of the Akhotep Dynasty

  • The Quanah Sovereignty, which is reminiscent of the Aztecs

  • Colonial British, called the Grand Empire of Lindenia

Three further factions are planned, depending on how well the Kickstarter does, with other stretch goals including things like exclusive cards and the opportunity to be turned into a miniature in the game.

The game itself promises to use dice-based mechanics, but implemented in such a way as to remove a lot of the randomness from the game. Dice will be used to indicate which actions can be taken, rather than how successful an action is, in a form that game designer Alex GSP Murphy describes as "rewarding strategy and thinking, while minimizing luck.”

“There are too many games where 10 heavily-equipped knights run in against unarmed peasants and lose horribly, simply because of an unlucky dice roll,” said Murphy, who previously owned The Sword & Grail comic book and game store in downtown Asheville. “The Primeval Clash system is very different from anything I have seen in over 30 years of gaming.”

With Primeval Clash, Nerd Palace have created a game that really taps into the madness of 80's cartoons, as well as other pulp-style stories. Dinosaurs, or at least dino-like monsters, are not new in games, but the idea of a skirmish game which is entirely focused upon them and their role as a cavalry unit is an interesting one.

We have an interview with Nerd Palace's Cody Brown coming out later this week, so if this catches your attention be sure to keep an eye out for it.

Which dinosaur would you ride to battle?

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