Lightseekers Exclusive Card Reveal For Wave Two!

February 15, 2018 by thisisazrael

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With the next big release for the Lightseekers TCG from PlayFusion coming on March 20th with the new Mythical Booster Pack Expansion, excitement is starting to build and we're starting to see some awesome new Heroes get teased.

We're really happy to exclusively reveal a brand new Mountain Hero, Magmi.

Lightseekers Mountain Magmi

Alongside being insanely cute, riding on what I'm calling a Magmaturtle, he boasts an opportunity for some strong sustained damaged.

By building your deck with a good mix of Defend and Fire cards you could be seeing easily 6-10 extra damage if not more from Magmi's passive ability.

I decided to have a quick look through the cards we've collected in the Beasts of War studio to see what potential options Magmi would have with the Wave One "Awakening" cards.

If the Mountain Order tickles your fancy, the Lightseekers team created the fantastic video above to show off just how awesome their combos can be.

We've also see a few other Heroes teased such as the amazingly named "General Carnage" who offers straight forward card searching power to enable you to perform the combos you want every time without relying on draw.

Lightseekers Mythical General Carnage

Another example of new ways to play is Cannoneer Lugnut who offers a really interesting take on a triple order deck.

Lightseekers Cannoneer Lugnut

With this Hero, every attack card could become one damage more vicious so long as you can find the items to two other Orders.

You can check out our Let's Plays over on our Lightseekers hub or if you're interested in seeing more new cards as they are revealed you can head to the Lightseekers Website.

Have you given Lightseekers a try?

"You can check out our Let's Plays over on our Lightseekers hub..."

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