Explore The Mystical Ruins of Aridika In Altar Quest

May 31, 2019 by cassn

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Sixteen years after the Fall of Kretch, the Five Holds of Eastony have united under the rule of a new queen. A renewed interest in prosperity and empire has brought heroes to Aridika once more, seeking glory, treasure, and the expansion of their new queen’s domain. Meanwhile, mysterious “altars” have inexplicably burst from the ground in the darkest corners of Aridika, unleashing strange magicks and drawing the attention of unsavory creatures, hungry for the mysterious power.

​Old shadows will be stirred, ancient graves disturbed, and the shrouded secret of Aridika’s fall will inevitably be revealed.

Altar Quest is a co-operative play deck-building game in which 1-4 players take on the role of heroes completing various quests in the mystical land of Aridika. Each quest is made from a combination of several different decks and game elements which combine to create a series of exciting quests to complete.


Each quest is effected by an altar - rhunestones which have been corrupted by power-hungry opportunists who seek to wield their rhunic energy as their own. These altars will constantly affect the heroes quest, bestowing power on both friend and foe, and gaining in strength with each mystical interaction.


Altar Quest places emphasis on variability, and uses the Modular Deck System originally introduced in Street Masters and Brook City. This means that separate hero, villain, threat, and quest decks can be combined to produce new and exciting environments. Combine decks to create a tailored quest, or choose at random and have an unexpected adventure!


The Altar Quest campaign also includes an exclusive expansion designed by Isaac Childres, designer of Gloomhaven - Call of the Lunarin, alongside some pretty epic miniatures.


Altar Quest is a really interesting and diverse adventure game with fantastic miniatures and engaging narratives. The Kickstarter campaign was funded in under two hours, and it's currently unlocking several cool stretch goals. You can start your quest by adding your pledge here.

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"A diverse adventure game with fantastic miniatures and engaging narratives!"

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