Fighting Hedgehog’s CLASH Gets New Fantasy Wargaming Rules

May 22, 2023 by brennon

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The team at Fighting Hedgehog, the folks behind the awesome wargaming rules, CLASH, have just released their newest module for the wargame. You can now get your hands on the Arcane Companion which comes with updated rules for adding a Fantasy twist to your wargames.

Arcane Companion - CLASH

Arcane Companion // CLASH

To begin with, this isn't a stand-alone game and you will need CLASH Of Spears in order to play. You get additional rules for adding Fantasy elements into your games including magic and spells, undead troops and more. The Undead rules in particular are intriguing as they have had to deal with the fatigue system which doesn't really affect the everliving!

Elven Kingdoms List - CLASH Arcane Companion

Elven Kingdoms List // CLASH: Arcane Companion

As well as being a handy resource for those wanting to make entirely Fantasy-based armies, this can also be used to bring Fantasy elements into your Historical games. Maybe you want to discover exactly why that Roman legion vanished into the forest.

There are also some Fantasy lists to get you started with your games including Draugr, Norse Raiders, The Orcs Of The White Hand, the Ghosts Of Cannae and the Elven Kingdoms. As you'll have no doubt noticed, it seems plenty of folks are big fans of Middle-earthing it up!

Orcs Of The White Hand List - CLASH Arcane Companion

Orcs Of The White Hand List / CLASH: Arcane Companion

There is also a deck of spells for you to draw from which includes seven classic battle magic spells and two necromantic ones. More and more is going to be added to this living rulebook as it gets updated by the creators meaning you'll see new Army Lists, spells, rules and more that will allow you to take your CLASH games that bit further into the realm of the fantastical.

If you're a big fan of the CLASH rules and thought you'd love to port your Fantasy army over it, make sure to get a look at this Arcane Companion.

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"There are also some Fantasy lists to get you started with your games..."

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