Gorgons Snake Their Way Into Footsore’s Mortal Gods: Mythic

January 22, 2020 by brennon

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Trish Carden has been showing off more of the monsters that she has been working on for the world of Mortal Gods: Mythic. Footsore Miniatures & Games are going to be bringing this to the fore soon and we have some stunning Gorgons to look out for!

Gorgons #1 - Footsore Miniatures

This collection doesn't just reveal Medusa (above) but also the two sisters, Stheno and Euryale. Each of the miniatures has been designed to be very imposing, standing much taller than human figures and dominating them with their stature and menace.

Gorgons #2 - Footsore Miniatures

As well as being sculpted to be imposing figures, each of the Gorgons has been sculpted on some scenic bases so that Carden could do some nice things with their tails. They seem like they would be brutal monsters to try and contend with, even if you didn't get turned to stone!

Gorgons #3 - Footsore Miniatures

We are seeing some rather impressive monsters coming together now ahead of the Mortal Gods: Mythic expansion and it's not just the Gorgons who have been previewed over the last few days.

Heckin' Harpies!

As well as the Gorgons above we also have the swooping Harpies who will be diving down from on high to drag your poor soldiers off into the darkness.

Harpies - Footsore Miniatures

These, again, are very impressive and dynamically posed creatures who will be a very nice addition to your games. I really like the idea of there being some proper campaigns laid out as part of the Mortal Gods: Mythic line which allows you to play out the adventures of Odysseus, Jason, Perseus and more. These creatures could end up being strange monsters that they bump into!

Are you going to be picking up some of these new monsters?

"Are you going to be picking up some of these new monsters?"

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