Tomkin’s Ironsworn RPG Gets New Delve Expansion

February 17, 2020 by brennon

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Shawn Tomkin is the creator behind a rather awesome roleplaying game known as Ironsworn. Set in a dark world, you can take on this roleplaying game either in a traditional roleplay setting or in a co-operative or solo mode.

Ironsword RPG

So, here is a bit of a backdrop to this particular roleplaying game...

"In the Ironsworn tabletop roleplaying game, you are a hero sworn to undertake perilous quests in the dark fantasy setting of the Ironlands. You will explore untracked wilds, fight desperate battles, forge bonds with isolated communities, and reveal the secrets of this harsh land. Are you ready to swear iron vows and see them fulfilled—no matter the cost?"

If you like the idea of getting more grimdark into your tabletop games plus want to throw in a bit of Dark Souls for good measure then this would work well for you. This a very extensive and interesting roleplaying game which is awesome for those who want to really dive into their characters.

  • Quest-driven mechanics and fast, flexible character creation
  • Story hooks and creative prompts to eliminate game prep and push your adventures forward—with or without a GM
  • A setting guide for the Ironlands, a rugged and treacherous peninsula at the edge of the known world
  • Inspiring tools to customize your setting and ­ fine-tune your gameplay experience
  • Extensive advice, examples, and options for exploring the story of your characters and their fateful vows

I really like that the game benefits from the idea of it being a Solo and Co-Op experience as well as one for a traditional group. The Core Book is free for you to download HERE and it seems like the perfect kind of game to play on stream using all of its digital options. It's well worth checking out these two videos for a flavour of the game.

I am very tempted to give this a go myself, especially when I am interested in exploring some roleplaying in the downtime between Dungeons & Dragons sessions.

Delve Expansion

As well as the Core Rules you can also now buy a new expansion called Ironsworn: Delve.

Ironsworn Delve Expansion

New options have been included for those looking to build on their Ironsworn campaigns...

"This supplement for the Ironsworn tabletop roleplaying game takes your quests to the deepest, darkest reaches of the Ironlands. Plunge into subterranean caverns. Explore untracked forests and foreboding swamps. Journey across icebound wastes. Uncover lost secrets within ancient ruins.

To fulfil your sworn vows, you will brave the most dangerous places of the world and face the most terrible foes. Will you escape the depths? Play to find out. With an array of new options and tools, Ironsworn: Delve is the perfect companion for your Ironsworn campaign—in or out of the dungeon."

So, included here within these pages we have...

  • Support for solo, co-op, and traditional guided play
  • Gameplay options, tips, and setting details for quest-driven expeditions within perilous sites
  • Hordes of new foes, extraordinary encounters, and campaign-level threats
  • Wealth, artefacts, and supernatural rarities to give your character an edge
  • Quest starters, sample locations, and an assortment of new oracles to keep your story moving
  • Inspirational tools for zero-prep gameplay—with or without a GM

I think this is another awesome option for those looking to expand into more from Ironsworn. I know that this has become quite a go-to roleplaying game, especially for those who are looking to just experience some roleplaying on the fly. Anything which requires zero preparation gets a big tick in my book.

If you like some gritty Fantasy awesomeness then I would certainly check this out...

"If you like some gritty Fantasy awesomeness then I would certainly check this out..."

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