Para Bellum Lay Down Covering Fire With Conquest Crossbowmen

October 17, 2017 by brennon

Para Bellum Wargames showed off some great looking new artwork for their Crossbowmen as part of the Hundred Kingdoms army. Take a look...


These soldiers are not only part of the core backbone of your army but also take on the role of mercenaries who might fight for the highest bidder if needed. Here's some more of their fluff to delve into.

Crossbowman Fluff

It's kind of awesome to know that there are some names coming to the fore here to give you a taster of the world behind these models. I think I'd like to know more about Danilo Meck! Maybe we'll see other companies and mercenary groups taking shape in the future for other aspects of the army?

What do you think of these Crossbowmen?

"I think I'd like to know more about Danilo Meck!"

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