Lowic & Orelea Join The Fighting For Lucid Eye’s The Elf King

March 12, 2018 by brennon

Two new characters have entered the mix for Lucid Eye's The Red Book Of The Elf King. Here we have two more nobles who are going to be fighting for control of the lands.

Lowic The Hero of The Ecanna

The first of these is Lowic. The Hero Of The Ecanna.

"Lowic's presence at the court is incongruous. He much prefers the freedom of his home plains, hunting the White Hart. However, the Fae Revanche has brought him and his Companions into the eye of the storm."

He seems very cool indeed, especially as a duel-wielding Elf warrior. One of the things about his background that struck me was that he still has this Princely disdain for court life and loves the hunt, more in tune with fighting and battle than political intrigue and backstabbing. I imagine maybe that passes for honourable amongst these particular Elves.

We also have this lady, Orelea Of The Long Isles.

Orelea of The Long Isles

"Orelea High Admiralla of The Fae Fleet has travelled to the shores of Hel and has lost her shadow to the Underworld. She returned changed so that she is shunned by all except her loyal Companions."

She seems like the kind of character you'd want to play as if you wanted something a bit different from these Elves. I think it's neat that, despite the fact we've got a game simply packed with pointy-ears, there is plenty of individuality and personality to each of them. It's also good to see a female face amongst the 'cast'!

Surly Companions

We also have another set of Companions to throw into the mix, giving you more options for your stalwart bodyguards on the tabletop.

The Companions #5

We are seeing plenty of very interesting sculpts to help mix things up as part of your warbands in The Elf King. I think it would be nice to see some that are maybe a little more personalised towards specific characters though perhaps? Imagine if you had some very different looking Companions for Orelea who have gone with her to the edge of Hel and back!

As well as all of the models above, there are also now Deals where you can buy specific packs which come with all the models you need to start out with one of these factions. You can also now pick up a dice pack for the game too!

What do you think of these new additions?

"She seems like the kind of character you'd want to play as if you wanted something a bit different from these Elves..."

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