Mattes Miniaturen Look To A Chaotic New Kickstarter

March 23, 2019 by brennon

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Mattes Miniaturen is coming to Kickstarter very soon with an awesome set of Chaos Warriors for you to throw into your games. If you wanted heavy metal gods of war to lead mighty armies into battle then these guys could take centre stage.

Arzarog - Mattes Miniaturen

His collection ranges from mounted warlords like Arzarog here atop a nightmare steed to some on foot characters like Havarr here. Each of these characters looks like they have been taken from the artwork for Warhammer Fantasy Battles and it's 6th and 7th Editions. A lot of it feels like the artwork from Adrian Smith brought to life.

Havarr - Mattes Miniaturen

I am a big fan of Chaos Warriors as a whole and so it is rather awesome to have someone working on new characters that could effectively have you building entirely new armies. With Warcry also on the horizon, I think that you could get away with using them in that as your new 'Path To Glory' force.

Vrugg - Mattes Miniaturen

Make sure to go and check out the Facebook Page for Mattes Miniaturen as well as there are plenty of other cool miniatures on there like one of his early creations, Eydir.

Eydir - Mattes Miniaturen

Not only do I love the work on the Chaos Warrior but also the excellent sculpting that went into the Dragon's head as well.

I could see myself getting stuck into ALL of these villains for use on the tabletop or simply as something to stick on a display shelf?

What do you think?

"I think that you could get away with using them in that as your new 'Path To Glory' force..."

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