Boris Woloszyn Miniatures Sculpt Up Some Questing Heroes

March 21, 2018 by brennon

Boris Woloszyn Miniatures have been sculpting up some more awesome looking characters for your tabletop games. The latest set of 'Questing Heroes' will be part of a Kickstarter later this year.

Questing Heroes - Boris Woloszyn Miniatures

The set contains a classic looking Elf Ranger, a Human Barbarian, Human Wizard and Dwarf Fighter. Each of them has been awesomely sculpted to be in the midst of the action, reading for a strike or dextrously avoiding one. I particularly like the Wizard with his staff outstretched, I think he would be an awesome model to paint.

We also have this familiar face that you might remember if you are an old-school dungeon delver. Check out this poor prisoner...

Prisoner - Boris Woloszyn Miniatures

No doubt you'll have to get stuck into some proper dungeon crawling to find out where this noble sir has been captured and rescue him from the clutches of some evil fiend!

Powerful Warlord

As well as the characters above Boris Woloszyn also showed off this troupe featuring a Warlord and his loyal companions.

Warlord & Companion - Boris Woloszyn Miniatures

Maybe he is the one who struck the head from your mother when you were just a child and now you seek revenge for the wrongs he has done to your tribe? The models are, once again, looking awesome and the sculpting here is dynamic and highly detailed.

From the sounds of it, they will be available in metal when the campaign launches (specifically for the Questing Heroes) so watch this space!

What do you think of these models?

"The set contains a classic looking Elf Ranger, a Human Barbarian, Human Wizard and Dwarf Fighter..."

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