KOSMOS Bring Us New Mysteries With Two New Adventure Games In 2019

January 2, 2019 by brennon

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KOSMOS are building on their EXIT series with two new Adventure Games for 2019. Unlike the EXIT games, these stories present you with a challenge without a time limit, asking you to reveal the secrets found within the story. However, as with other games of their ilk, once you've made your decisions there's no going back!

Adventure Games Die Monochrome AG - KOSMOS

The first one we're going to be taking a peek at is Die Monochrome AG...

"In Die Monochrome AG, players have been instructed to break into the research building named in the game's title, and once they get inside this tower's mirrored windows, they are left on their own. What they find there, what conclusions they draw from these items, and how this nerve-wracking story ends is entirely in their hands. Only by coordinating their team will they avoid potential pitfalls, carry out their mission, and solve the mystery of this building."

It already sounds awesome. I love the EXIT games from KOSMOS and Sherlock Holmes: Consulting Detective is another of the hit games amongst my collection. So, when you get to combine those games in something like this from KOSMOS I reckon you're in for an awesome ride.

The other adventure is Das Verlies (The Dungeon)...

Adventure Games The Dungeon - KOSMOS

"In Das Verlies ("The Dungeon"), the players awaken in a prison cell in the middle ages with no memory of how they got there. What happened? What strange things are taking place in this dungeon? And most importantly, how can they get out? Over three chapters, players will jointly explore rooms, combine objects, and perhaps even encounter creatures that lurk in the dark rooms of the old castle..."

This one sounds like a slightly less dangerous and perilous Escape the Dark Castle. We've been loving playing games like that and Fighting Fantasy recently so maybe you'd love to see us take on one of these games when they arrive as part of a livestream perhaps?

It should be noted that unlike the EXIT games these adventures don't feature components that you destroy. So, the adventures can be played through multiple times if you like and the branching paths offered up by the game mean that you can potentially try for a different ending on subsequent playthroughs.

Are you tempted by these Adventure Games?

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