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Puzzle Your Way Through Kosmos’ Newest EXIT Games


The team at Kosmos Games have even more interesting puzzles for you to solve and riddles to crack with their latest EXIT: The Game releases. We start with a traditional EXIT game in The Gate Between Worlds.

KOSMOS Prepare Young Adventurers In Andor Junior


KOSMOS has been showing off a new game in their Andor series which will be dropping in 2020.

Construct A Beautiful City & Worry About Traffic In Cities: Skylines


Thames & Kosmos have teamed up with Paradox to create a new tabletop experience based on the highly successful Cities: Skyline PC game. 

Solve A Parisian Mystery In EXIT The Catacombs Of Horror


Paris: the home of laughter, lights, and love. But under its streets lurks a dark and sinister side of the city, hidden deep within the catacombs.

KOSMOS Bring Us New Mysteries With Two New Adventure Games In 2019


KOSMOS are building on their EXIT series with two new Adventure Games for 2019. Unlike the EXIT games, these stories present you with a challenge without a time limit, asking you to reveal the secrets found within the story.

Search Ancient Ruins In Lost Cities: Rivals


Another version of Lost Cities is on the way from Thames & Kosmos. The new game subtitled Rivals will see you delving into ancient cities in search of treasure but a few more mechanics take the challenge up a notch. 

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