Solve A Parisian Mystery In EXIT The Catacombs Of Horror

June 9, 2019 by cassn

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Paris: the home of laughter, lights, and love. But under its streets lurks a dark and sinister side of the city, hidden deep within the catacombs. Now, you and your friends must work together to explore this mysterious underground labyrinth in search of a lost soul in EXIT: The Game - The Catacombs of Horror!


EXIT: The Game - Catacombs of Horror is the latest in the EXIT Escape Room series from KOSMOS, who have rated their latest offering as a 4.5/5 difficulty. This means that only the most steadfast sleuths will have what it takes to search the cavernous catacombs and make it out alive!


While all EXIT games are designed for single use play, this latest French adventure comes in two separate challenges which will need to be completed to fully escape the darkened recesses of the Parisian underground.


So if you are brave enough to step foot into the French abyss (and intuitive enough to emerge back out again), EXIT: The Game - The Catacombs of Horror is available now from KOSMOS!

Did you know: In 2004, police discovered a movie theatre and complete restaurant in one of the caverns, stocked with film noir and thriller classics. However, the source of its electrical power, and the identity of whoever set it up, remain unknown.

"Escape the darkened recesses of the Parisian underground!"

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