Puzzle Your Way Through Kosmos’ Newest EXIT Games

March 23, 2021 by brennon

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The team at Kosmos Games have even more interesting puzzles for you to solve and riddles to crack with their latest EXIT: The Game releases. We start with a traditional EXIT game in The Gate Between Worlds.

The Gate Between Worlds Replacement - Kosmos

The Gate Between Worlds // EXIT: The Game

In The Gate Between Worlds, you've found a mysterious gate in the depths of a hidden cave. After touching it (like any good main character in a movie) you find yourself in a bizarre new world and need to work out how to get home! Work as a team, solve the riddles as you start world-hopping and hope you get home safely.

Components - The Gate Between Worlds

Components // The Gate Between Worlds

If you're new to EXIT game then this might sound a bit puzzling (hah). Within each box, you'll find all of the components you need to solve an escape room-style puzzle. As a group, or on your own, you will work out the puzzles step-by-step, hoping to make it to the end and complete it in a given time (you can also just take as long as you want).

EXIT games are very much a one-and-done experience (you cut, bend, tear components etc) but they are excellent for an evening with friends and a couple of drinks. Coming in at around the £13 mark, they don't break the bank and should provide you with plenty of fun. I've done two or three of these and as someone who loves these kinds of things, it's often better than wasting my money down the pub!

EXIT Jigsaw Sets

In addition to the traditional The Gate Between Worlds, you've also got two new sets which include jigsaws for you to put together when solving the puzzle!

The Deserted Lighthouse - EXIT The Game

The Deserted Lighthouse // EXIT: The Game

In The Deserted Lighthouse, you're trying to solve the riddles and reach the top of the lighthouse before an approaching ship crashes onto the rocks and sinks!

Components - The Deserted Lighthouse

Components // The Deserted Lighthouse

Unlike the EXIT game we looked at above, this new one comes with no cards. Instead, the cards are replaced with jigsaw puzzles which you have to assemble one section at a time, solving each level as you go. Each puzzle creates an image that will then show you what you need to find within the rooms in-game.

The same is true of the second of these new jigsaw releases, The Sacred Temple.

The Sacred Temple - EXIT The Game

The Sacred Temple // EXIT: The Game

In this adventure, you'll be racing through the jungle trying to save a professor and find the Sacred Temple in the title before a band of treasure hunters do. As with The Deserted Lighthouse, you'll start with the Decoder Disk and puzzle bag and then as you go you'll reveal new locations and clues which will help you move from jigsaw to jigsaw.

Components - The Sacred Temple

Components // The Sacred Temple

I do like this twist on the EXIT format here and it seems like despite the fact that its jigsaw puzzles, it's not easy! Both of the two sets above are rated three out of five (four out of five on the webstore) so they aren't going to be a pushover.

Are you tempted to give these a go with friends when lockdown is over?

"I do like this twist on the EXIT format here and it seems like despite the fact that its jigsaw puzzles, it's not easy! "

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