Kimera Models Show Off Their Mighty December Releases

December 19, 2017 by brennon

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Kimera Models have been showing off their December releases for this year. There are some stunning figures in their collection and this is just the tip of the iceberg for what they have for you to check out.

Eliumbra And The Hashomer (Kimera Models)

For example, we have Eliumbra And The Hashomer here which look like they have been dragged out of an awesome anime or manga. I think the larger brute model behind is absolutely stunning, adorned in its over-the-top armour.

The models for this collection are all 75mm and would make for some fascinating painting projects going into the new year.

Queen Of Hearts

If you're looking for more of a Pin-Up model to paint then they also have one for you too. Here we have Rubina, Queen Of Hearts. The dress and boots for this particular character are insanely well sculpted don't you think?

Rubina - Queen Of Hearts (Kimera Models)

Once again, a great looking model to paint as a big project. As I mentioned above you have to dive deeper into their range and check out more of what they have to offer over on Kimera Models.

Which of these new kits will you be picking up?

"...would make for some fascinating painting projects going into the new year"

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