BoW 3rd Annual Gaming Awards: 2016 Nominations Close This Weekend

April 21, 2017 by warzan

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It's now time to launch the BoW 3rd Annual Gaming Awards where we begin looking at what YOU loved from last years (2016) immense gaming extravaganza.

Voting Closes This Weekend!

Beasts Of War 3rd Annual Gaming Awards Nominations Open

Things have expanded this year which means new categories and new criteria and the Nominations are now OPEN for you to go and tell us about your favourites. Everything you need to know can be found here...

BoW 3rd Annual Gaming Awards Nomination Form

Beasts Of War 3rd Annual Gaming Awards Nominations Open

...where we explain how you vote and what you can vote for in each category. The dates, for example, that you can choose a game from runs between 1st January 2016 & 31st December 2016 giving you a nice and easy window to look at.

The Categories

As mentioned above we've been looking at some new categories this year and they break down thusly...

  • Best Board Game of 2016
  • Best Card Game of 2016
  • Best Miniatures Game of 2016
  • Best Role-Playing Game of 2016
  • Best Board Game Expansion of 2016
  • Best Card Game Expansion of 2016
  • Best Miniatures Game Expansion of 2016
  • Best Role-Playing Game Expansion of 2016
  • Best Hobby or Gaming Accessory of 2016
  • Best Terrain Product of 2016
  • Best Gaming Artwork of 2016
  • Best Sculpt of 2016
  • Best Paint Job of 2016

...which means we should get a fantastic look at the world of tabletop gaming throughout 2016.

Win A Mystery Box

You can also win yourself a Mystery Box of goodies by filling in the nomination form and having your say throughout this process. This is intentionally a mystery as to not sway the voting in any way towards a particular company but rest assured it will come with a wealth of awesomeness within.

Voted For By YOU

Importantly, this is YOU who vote and make this possible. We might curate the results but you are the ones, the community at large, who determine who is deserving of a BoW Award at the end of this. We'll be talking about the process more throughout the following few months and make sure to watch The Weekender for more information.

Make sure to...

  • Share on Social Media and get your friends involved
  • Let companies know you're voting for them!
  • Share on forums and blogs (with permission) so we get a fantastic array of answers from the community

Enjoy nominating your favourite games...

...and bring on the awards!

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