Doing Our Bit! 3D Printing PPE Face Mask Add-Ons

April 9, 2020 by brennon

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A lot of business are working to try and do their bit for those who need additional Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). As we've got quite the bank of 3D Printers in our studio we have decided to try and work on some PPE Face Mask Add-Ons which make things a little easier on users.

Back Bands Accessories

Example of the bands in use...

You can see above that this is just a little extension for elastic masks which takes the pressure off the ears. It's just a little thing but it seems like it's helping a fair few people!

Get In Touch If You'd Like Some // Comment Below Or Check Us Out On Facebook

We're currently working to print out dozens of these each day FOR FREE and we've already supplied a few packs to folks in the Coleraine area of Northern Ireland. However, we're also working to get these shipped to people in England

Some additional words from Warren on this and for those wanting to help us out with supplies...

"Some folk have asked if they can help us with the costs of 3D printing of bits for the amazing Health workers out there. We are not charging for these and there is absolutely no obligation to help us out - we will find a way!

Amazon Gift Card Link

But we normally pick up our spare parts and materials from amazon, so really the easiest option right now is to chuck us a gift card to [email protected] We can then use that to help us keep the machines repaired and running and topped up with filament etc.

Again I stress, these are tough times for every single one of us, DO NOT feel you have to help, you and yours come first and we will find a way!"

If you know anyone who would benefit from these then just let us know and we'll do our best to get them out to folks...

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