Hobby VLOG: Painting 40k & Star Wars Themed Terrain – Part One

October 9, 2017 by johnlyons

As Micro Art Studio are underway with their new Tabletop Battlefields Kickstarter, we've asked John to rev up the Hobby engine and put his expertise to creating some amazing multi-themed terrain for your Sci-Fi games.

Hobby Vlog: Painting 40k & Star Wars Themed Terrain - Part One

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This terrain could be perfect to include in your T'au armies for Warhammer 40,000, alternatively, we could easily see it becoming one of the key elements in creating an epic raid for Star Wars: Legion coming out soon from Fantasy Flight Games.

Check back tomorrow where we'll be taking the freshly Zeneth'd piece and showing them off on the table to discuss the future colour schemes we'll be doing for the tabletop.

What games can you see this Terrain being used for?

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