75mm Scale Miniatures Game Kickstarter: We Talk To The Creators Of The Rise Of Obliterarium

October 8, 2020 by avernos

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Today we're getting an insight into Magical Miniature Game's plans for their fantastic 75 mm Fantasy miniatures currently on Kickstarter, The Rise of Obliterarium.

New Large 75mm Scale Miniatures Game On Kickstarter

Iman from Magical Miniature Game - mmgame.eu is joined by Sam Mercer and Matt Green, his game designers, to talk to Gerry about The Rise of Obliterarium. They talk about the four Clans from this unique post-apocalyptic world and the approach they are taking to design a game with free reign based on only the 75 mm miniatures and the lore of the world and Clans. 

For anyone with a love of miniatures, these massive sculptures have a real presence for anybody who is looking for a showpiece on the tabletop. The team are putting together a unique strategy miniatures game where even losing can be a tactic, and you can be certain whatever they come up with the game it won't be a generic boardgame.

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What is your favourite Clan from The Rise of Obliterarium?

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