UPDATED* Black Friday Bonanza – Collecting Together The Deals!

November 25, 2016 by brennon

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It's that time of year again as everyone gets utterly obsessed with Black Friday. Well, we're once again going to try and collect together all of the deals out there for tabletop gamers and we need YOUR help.

Black Friday Deals On Beasts Of War

We're going to get started with a few deals we've seen online and then we want you to hunt around online and drop your own links into the comments for use to help build up a database of who is giving away what this year!

Battle Foam UK (Battle Foam US)

First up we've got some big deals coming your way from Battle Foam who are going to be giving away between 15% to 60% on items throughout their entire store. If there are a few bags you've been after this might be the time to strike.

Mantic Games

Mantic Games Black Friday

As Friday hits the Mantic Games team are going to be revealing new deals between 10am and midnight (GMT) so if you want to keep an eye on things you better be mashing the refresh button. Every hour new deals will be hitting the webstore.

Deep-Cut Studio

Deep Cut Black Friday

A lot of the mats from Deep-Cut Studio are going to be up to 50% off throughout the period of November 25th to November 28th. We really like the mats that this company makes and it would be great to see some of them make their way into your collection to get you gaming quicker!

Warlord Games

Warlord Black Friday Offers

You can start getting stuck into your Warlord offerings for Black Friday with 20% off Resin Tanks and 25% off Plastic Tanks with a whole bunch of additional deals becoming available throughout the period of the Black Friday sales.

Avatars Of War

Avatars of War Black Friday

Avatars of War will be running a big Black Friday sale too and it looks like it might coincide with the release of their Ogres too. Keep an eye on this one as it's a whole new faction for their game world. We've only seen a handful of them so far so let's hope units are on the way!

Steamforged Games

Steamforged Games Black Friday

Steamforged Games are running a series of Black Friday deals alongside their SteamCon promotions throughout this weekend. So, if limited edition players are your thing you might want to jump in on this one alongside some of their neat accessories too.

Miniature Market

Miniature Market Sale

These fellows will be running their Thanksgiving Sale until Monday 28th November so if you're interested in picking up some board games this might be the place to look.

Fantasy Flight Games/Asmodee

Fantasy Flight Games Holiday Sale

All manner of board games will be included as part of the Fantasy Flight Games Holiday Sale which also includes a range of other game creators too. You might find a few rare gems mixed in here.

Alternative Armies

Alternative Armies Black Friday

If you like the idea of snapping up your own Wyvern and much more besides then you might want to delve into what Alternative Armies has to offer with both models and publications being discounted.

Privateer Press

Black Friday Privateer Press

A whole mass of new deals are on the way from Privateer Press over the Black Friday weekend with their Holiday Sale featuring bundles of models, books, game sets and more. You can even get some nice art prints and pins too mixed in with the lot.


4Ground Black Friday

If you fancy getting stuck into some terrain over the Holiday period then 4Ground are also running a sale...

"Beat the Zombies to the Black Friday rushes, go to the 4Grounds Website. 4Ground is running a Black Friday sale from 16:00 GMT today too 12:00 GMT on Tuesday the 29th of November. To use the 10% discount enter code BEATZOMBIE as a coupon on the website."


Kromlech Black Friday

Kromlech is going to be running a 20% Discount on all manner of goodies across the weekend so if you're in need of some bitz then this might be the time to dive in.

Anarchy Models

Anarchy Models

If you're in the mood for stencils and more for your painting projects then you can get a 15% discount on their web store  using code BlackFriday16.

Knight Models

Knight Models Black Friday

For Batman fans, you can delve into their Black Friday deals and look at getting some free miniatures when you spend on their webstore.

White Tree Games

Afterglow Black Friday

If you want to explore the world of Afterglow a bit more then you can dive into what White Tree have offered up!

Wyrd Games

Black Friday Specials

For Malifaux fans the craziness begins with all manner of deals, special offers, limited edition models and more on offer. Seriously there's a LOT to take a look at here.

Chaos Cards


A weird name for their sale indeed but there is all manner of items on sale from Chaos Cards which is a very good board/card game store on the interwebs. There are plenty of deals to get stuck into so give them a look.


Titan Forge

Titan-Forge will also be doing around 75% off a lot of their products which include all manner of Fantasy and Sci-Fi models within their range.

Stronghold Terrain

Stronghold Terrain Viking Deal

Wanted to grab some of their Viking characters? Well, you can snap up their Vikings Deal where you can get a whole bunch of characters for use on the tabletop!

Tor Gaming/Shiny Games

Tor Gaming

Shiny Games are indeed running a sale as well and while they don't just sell Tor Gaming's Relics you can get some good deals on the Britanan Starter Set, the Ridend Starter Set, and the Relics Rulebook.

Spectre Miniatures

Spectre Operations

While not strictly a sale or a deal the folks at Spectre Miniatures have however collected together a lot of their models into Starter Force deals for you to use on the tabletop when playing their Modern Warfare game.

BlackChapel Miniatures

Black Chapel Black Friday

You can go and delve into the Fantasy collection from BlackChapel Miniatures as they give you some money off their Humans, Dwarves and Elves.

Help Us Out!

So, get your own Black Friday deals stuck into the comments below and we'll add them to the list as we go!

Are you already planning how you're going to spend over this coming weekend?

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