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Warriors Of The Faith Join Avatar Of War’s Roster


Avatars Of War has two new heroes for you to drop into your Fantasy games. Each of these particular ladies has the power of faith behind them.

New Avatars Of War Vampire Count & Wild Sabretooth Released


Avatars Of War have two new kits for you to check out this month. The first of these is a new Vampire Count who comes with a number of different options.

Avatars Of War Release Royal Elves, Angry Dwarves & Barbaric Shamans


Avatars Of War have three new releases for you to kick off 2018. It has been a long time coming but leading the way we have the Highborn Elf Princess/Battle Standard Bearer.

Avatars of War Preview A Hero As Bright As The Sun


Avatars of War have previewed theri next hero, a figure wielding a flaming sword named Sunna of Sonnstahl.

The Ogre Khan Leads A Mighty Army From Avatars Of War


A reminder that the Ogre Khan With Great Weapon popped up from Avatars Of War as an awesome new character for you to consider picking up to lead your raiding army coming down from the steppes.

UPDATED* Black Friday Bonanza – Collecting Together The Deals!


It’s that time of year again as everyone gets utterly obsessed with Black Friday and we need YOUR help!

Avatars Of War Releases Posters To Adorn Your Hobby Room


Avatars Of War have created some awesome artwork for their Fantasy world and the units within it. So, it’s neat to see that they’ve now collected together a lot of that artwork and offered up Poster Versions of them!

Take To The Skies With Avatar Of War’s Dread Harpies


Avatars Of War are flooding the skies with Dread Harpies as part of a new plastic kit which will allow you to make ten of these fiends.

Avatars Of War Show Off First 9th Age Hero, Sunna


Designed with The 9th Age Rules in mind we have the first hero from Avatars of War for their growing Fantasy range. Here we have Sunna with her flaming sword.

Avatars Of War’s Apocalyptic Warriors Swing Their Great Weapons


Avatars Of War have shown off some more previews of how their Warriors of the Apocalypse with Great Weapons are shaping up.

Weekender XLBS: Embracing A Healthy Hobby & Why D&D Is Good For You!


Sit back and relax with us as we talk through
embracing and having a healthy hobby + Win
an awesome FAITH: Sci-Fi RPG Prize!

A Champion Of War & Adventuring Heroes From Avatars Of War


Avatars Of War have added a new Champion Of War to their range of Apocalypse characters which will be slaughtering hordes of foes in the field…

Avatars Of War Tease Chaotic Warriors With Great Weapons


A new plastic regiment is in the works from Avatars Of War for their Warthrone Of Saga world and of course any Fantasy adventure you’d like to embark upon…

Weekender XLBS: More Boardgame Love From Games Workshop & Must See Imperial Assault Paint Jobs


Sit back and relax, it’s The Weekender XLBS. We have some really interesting topics this week including Games Workshop’s move to board games and a rather fantastic collection of Star Wars miniatures.

New Heroes Fight For Glory In Avatars Of War


Two new characters are coming out to fight for the armies of Avatars of War. First up we have the Grand Redemptor Of Rayviel who looks like he might be out to make sure his religious fervour infects your every action…

Warthrone Brings A Master Mason & A Lady Of War To Battle


Avatars Of War have added a pair of new heroes to their line for Warthrone. Both slender and stout are the order of the day here with both the Lady of War and the Dwarf Master Mason taking different outlooks on conflict…

Weekender XLBS: Building The Perfect Gaming Scenarios


It’s Happy Sunday time! Welcome
Backstage as we discuss some
of the ways in which we can
craft our own gaming scenarios
and some of the news
from the week…

Avatar Of War’s Plastic Marauders Of The Apocalypse Go To Battle


A brand new regiment of Avatars Of War plastics has hit the webstore for those followers of the Apocalypse. See what you think of these Marauders for Warthrone and hand weapons and shields ready to sunder armour!

New Marauders On The Warpath From Avatars Of War


Avatars Of War have previewed a new Warthrone unit, the Marauders of the Apocalypse which will be raiding and pillaging their way across the land soon.

The Amazon Princess Fights Her Corner From Avatars Of War


Adding to their range of heroes that will be taking to the sands in Avatars of War’s Arena Deathmatch we have the Amazon Warrior Princess complete with spear and shield…

New Wizards & Armoured Knights From Avatars Of War


Avatars of War start to expand upon their human range with two new models for use in Warthrone. The Cirlean Imperial Wizard and Knight of Drumminor are looking fantastic and would work as great characters to lead an army into battle or as role-playing heroes in their own right.