Avatars Of War Lead Iron Orc Hordes & Tinker With Blackpowder

December 18, 2018 by brennon

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Avatars Of War released two new miniatures for you as Christmas rolls around. If you're looking for new leaders for both your Orc and Human forces in The 9th Age and such then maybe check out the Iron Black Orc Warlord and Empire Artificer Engineer.

Iron Orc Warlord Kit - Avatars Of War

The Iron Black Orc Warlord Kit comes with a variety of different head and weapon options, giving you the ability to maybe pick up a few of these and with a few changes have a number of different generals in play.

I personally like the closed helm option for the head with the tusks pointing out the side and the pair of weapons. I always think of Orcs as warriors who don't care much for defence and so throw themselves into the fray.

Blackpowder Tinkering

As mentioned above they're also supplying the Empire and Human armies with the Artificer Engineer who is clearly in charge of the cannons at the back of your army.

Empire Engineer - Avatars Of War

This is a very characterful miniature, packed with detail and perfectly in keeping with the aesthetic of The Empire from the Old World of Warhammer Fantasy. I love the big, complicated rifle he has with him which would no doubt blow a hole in an Orc with ease.

He also has plenty of the trappings of his profession like the bundle of scrolls and all sorts of tinkering tools. The addition of the steam owl on his shoulder is a nice one too. You could see this being one of the characters that would pop up in the margins of a Mordheim rulebook.

What do you think of the new releases?

"You could see this being one of the characters that would pop up in the margins of a Mordheim rulebook..."

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