Avatars Of War Raise A New Army Of The Undead

April 7, 2021 by brennon

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Avatars Of War are getting necromantic this week with the addition of new Undead miniatures to their Fantasy collection. Wights, Wraiths and rattling Skeletons have been summoned from their graves to threaten the mortal world.

Wight Lord #1 - Avatars Of War

Wight Lord // Avatars Of War

First up, we have a pair of Wight Lords. The first of them is very much a call back to the mighty Krell from Warhammer Fantasy Battles. With that horned helmet and massive axe, this is most certainly an ancient warrior who has been resurrected by a cunning necromancer to be their undying servant.

That fellow isn't the only of the Wight Lords you can choose from. You might also like this fellow who has fully embraced the silly hat look. Those are some serious bat wings which Lloyd would sheer off immediately.

Wight Lord #2 - Avatars Of War

Wight Lord // Avatars Of War

I do like the amount of depth that we're seeing in these models. There are plenty of hollow spaces within the armour which I think would be fun to fill with glow effects to show the magic powering their bodies.

If you're looking to add in some more terrifying elements to your army then how about these Wraiths? This one is very much going down the Cairn Wraith route and could well be a summoned servant who drifts through enemy units scything their souls away.

Wraith #1 - Avatars Of War

Wraith // Avatars Of War

You've also got this Wraith to choose from as well! This Wraith is giving me Banshee vibes and I think it would look brilliant when painted up with green/blue balefire flowing from those empty eye sockets.

Wraith #2 - Avatars Of War

Wraith // Avatars Of War

Whilst a lot of folks are going to use these for the likes of The 9th Age and such, I think these would work pretty seamlessly with the Death armies of Age Of Sigmar. There's no reason why you couldn't do both or maybe even throw these into a Fantasy army for the myriad of other games out there right now.

The last set of releases is a pack of Skeleton Warriors. The posing here is on point and I love the fact that you've got shattered skulls, broken bones, twisted weapons and more. They are still rocking the bat wings and such but if you're looking for a pack of champions to lead a unit, this might work.

Skeleton Warriors - Avatars Of War

Skeleton Warriors// Avatars Of War

All of these miniatures are cast in high-quality resin and come in around the 28mm scale. You could also probably use them in games around the 32mm level thanks to the heroic proportions of the range. Additionally, Avatars Of War are running Skeleton Week where you can save 30% off their Undead range. Maybe this is a good time to start a new warband?

What do you make of these new undead miniatures?

"Maybe this is a good time to start a new warband?"

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