Slaughter Your Foes With Avatars Of War’s Ogre Berserker

September 10, 2020 by brennon

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Avatars Of War are kicking things off today with a new addition to their collection, the Ogre Berserker. This monstrous warrior becomes a wild beast in games of Arena Deathmatch or perhaps on the field of battle in The 9th Age with his twin weapons.

Ogre Berserker - Avatars Of War

Ogre Berserker // Avatars Of War

This miniature seems like the kind of anime character that you'd watch in a show where their bulk hides just how fast they are. You could see him leaping into the fray with that massive axe and mace, crushing everything in his path and sending it scattered across the sands of the arena.

I like the little touches with the mohican that matches up against the classic Dwarf Slayer look and the trophies which have been lashed to his body. He's also got a nice pig strapped to his belt just in case he gets a little peckish whilst he is fighting his enemies.

This could be another fun addition to your 9th Age army or perhaps as a fun bad guy for your heroes to face in a tabletop showdown!

What do you make of the Ogre Berserker?

"What do you make of the Ogre Berserker?"

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