A Dwarven Thane Battles A Wretched Beast From Avatars Of War

September 10, 2018 by brennon

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Avatars Of War introduces two new character miniatures to their 9th Age compatible range. We start as all good things start, with a Dwarf!

Dwarf Thane With Great Shield - Avatars Of War

This Dwarf Thane With Great Shield is charging forth into battle clad in some seriously heavy armour. You could imagine him down in the tunnels with his fellow Ironbreakers holding the line against a wave of Ska...sorry, Ratmen and the like.

The stance is grim and determined, just like a good Dwarf should be and works perfectly in a proper rank and file game as he matches the pose you'd imagine him to be in on the front lines.

Much like Dwarves of old, he doesn't have any knees...it helps them balance better...but it does mean that he will fit in with some of the older Warhammer models you have in your collection.

A Wretched Beast!

Summoned forth by foul sorcerers we also have the Wretched Beast Of Pestilence which is a great creature to use as something like a Chaos Spawn in your games.

Wretched Beast - Avatars Of War

That is one horrible mess and limbs and teeth...in a good way of course. It would have been nice to maybe see one of those forearms up in the air, ready to strike down on its prey, but I think the monster is dangerous enough as it stands, especially with that lashing tongue and tail.

As with most things demonic and weird, there's no reason this couldn't be used away from a Fantasy setting. I could see this lumbering around the halls of a research facility in the far future just as easily...

What do you think?

"I could see this lumbering around the halls of a research facility in the far future just as easily... "

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