Summon Water To The Battlefield With Avatars Of War

August 13, 2020 by brennon

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Avatars Of War have another new miniature for those playing games like The 9th Age. This time it's a magic-user for the Imperials and a Hydromancer at that. During this heatwave we're having in the UK right now, it would be very nice to have this fellow nearby to offer aid!

Imperial Hydromancer - Avatars Of War

Imperial Hydromancer // Avatars Of War

Hydromancers are sorcerers who are able to manipulate water and draw on it to crush their enemies under the weight of waves. They can also produce shields which protect their champions and soldiers from arrows and artillery, allowing them to advance without issue.

The miniature is looking very cool and I like that they have worked in some nice elements to the sculpt which build on the watery aesthetic. The cloak looks like fish scales and iconography gives you a sense of the old man of the sea or Manann from Warhammer Fantasy Battles.

What do you make of this new spellcaster?

"What do you make of this new spellcaster?"

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