Blacklist Games Launch New Lasting Tales Kickstarter

March 31, 2021 by brennon

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Blacklist Games are back on Kickstarter this week with their new Fantasy miniatures game, Lasting Tales. Inspired by the likes of Dungeons & Dragons, Lasting Tales puts you and your friends in the boots of epic heroes as you slay monsters together in an entirely solo or cooperative miniatures-based adventure experience.

Lasting Tales Kickstarter Image - Blacklist Games

Check Out Lasting Tales On Kickstarter // Blacklist Games

Lasting Tales has been written by a veteran of the tabletop industry, Mark Latham. Latham has worked on projects like The Walking Dead: All Out War for Mantic Games and The Elder Scrolls: Call To Arms and now brings his design experience to a new cooperative tabletop miniatures game where you get to dive into epic clashes with familiar Fantasy foes.

At the core of Lasting Tales is the concept of heroic adventure where you and your friends join together to play as the kind of characters you might make in roleplaying games like Dungeons & Dragons. Unlike D&D though, this game doesn't require a Dungeon Master and together you'll be taking on the game and its varied monsters as one.

If you're interested in seeing how a typical game might play out, Ash Barker from Guerrilla Miniature Games put together some great Let's Play videos. You can watch the first of them here...

Lasting Tales Gameplay // Guerrilla Miniature Games

If that taste of gameplay has intrigued you then there is also a Demo Rules Pack which you can download which leads you through all of the basics rules that you'll need to fight out the scenario, Village Of The Damned.

Fantasy Series 2 Miniatures

Lasting Tales is an entirely miniatures agnostic game so you can bring in whatever you have in your collection. However, if you're new to tabletop gaming or just want your own bespoke set of miniatures, Blacklist Games are here to help. As with their previous campaigns, they have put together an absolute mountain of one-piece plastic miniatures for you to use in their game.

Fantasy Series 2 Miniatures - Blacklist Games

Fantasy Series 2 Miniatures // Blacklist Games

There are 133 miniatures for you to take a peek at right from the off and that's not even considering the number of stretch goals that the campaign has unlocked since it launched. The core of this collection gives you access to dozens of player characters which are based on well-loved iconic archetypes. You also have dozens and dozens of monsters that would suit starting campaigns and more epic boss encounters.

Talking of stretch goals, the team have absolutely smashed through them thanks to the support from the community. They started out with a mighty Hydra...

Hydra - Blacklist Games

Hydra // Blacklist Games

...and have managed to get all the way to more player characters and non-player characters like the Apothecary here.

Apothecary - Blacklist Games

Apothecary // Blacklist Games

There are a lot of targets for the team at Blacklist Games to continue hitting and they appear to have all manner of fun new miniatures to add into the mix. There is a really good selection of hero types based on class, race and gender meaning that there should be something for everyone.

As you might imagine, this not only functions as a great option for those getting stuck into Lasting Tales but Dungeons & Dragons and Fantasy gaming in general. You'd never want for monsters or heroes once you'd unpacked all of this!

Check Out Lasting Tales On Kickstarter // Blacklist Games

You'll also note that the Kickstarter also looks at terrain options too. Thankfully, the team at Black Site Studio has this covered and you can check out the Official Terrain Range for yourself.

If you're interested in diving in and playing through your own Fantasy adventures with friends (or solo), this seems like a fun game to check out. With the free demo rules available and plenty of time left on the project, you can even try before you commit.

Are you diving into Lasting Tales from Blacklist Games?

"You'd never want for monsters or heroes once you'd unpacked all of this!"

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