Wild West Exodus Faction Chats: The Union!

February 25, 2015 by warzan

Warren continues his look at the factions of Wild West Exodus with Sean from Outlaw Miniatures. This time they fight the Confederates and other threats while attempting to build a nation as the Union.

Wild West Exodus Faction Chats: The Union Nikola Tesla & Construct

This technology focused faction strive to be the good guys but in the WWX universe it ain't gonna be black or white but grey. Their faction includes General Grant with a mask that hides a scarred face hellbent on revenge against Dr. Carpathian and a personal favourite of Justin's, the shotgun-axe hybrid wielding Abe Lincoln rejuvenated by RJ-1027.

Wild West Exodus Faction Chats: The Union Abe Lincoln

We have more faction chats coming this week so stay tuned for more.

Which Union member gets you jumping for joy like Justin?

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