Lightseekers Releases To Nintendo Switch

January 10, 2019 by lancorz

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As of today, PlayFusion has released Lightseekers for Nintendo's handheld Switch Console.

Lightseekers Releases To Nintendo Switch

I managed to get an early access code before the weekend and I've been matchmaking, card drafting and recharging my console constantly to get more games in.

Upon first loading, I was super happy to see that I was able to port through my existing account from my mobile app to transfer my already built decks and scanned cards. It's very straight forward however if you need any help with that process you can follow this handy guide.

Check out that Player Tag if you fancy a 1v1 sometime

There's also a very helpful and concise tutorial on how the game plays to get you started in the game. As a veteran Lightseeker, I opted to skip it this time although if it was anything like the mobile app; it's one of the quickest tutorials I've played for a card game.

It's been a while since I played on the mobile app and I'm afraid to say I'm a little rusty outside the few decks my fiancé and I play with at home. The new campaign mode of Wild Hunt was an exciting challenge to try out but unfortunately, I'm not well equipped to handle such a beating from the Fabled Blubberfish!

Lightseekers Releases To Nintendo Switch

If you've played the mobile app, it's pretty much a direct port to the Switch which is a bonus for those dealing with the interface. Plus, if you're anything like me, it's a little more comfortable holding the slightly heavier console to play late night in bed, making it a nice change from the mobile resolution to fit that bigger screen. One of my biggest criticisms of the mobile app was reading the text on the cards and this has nicely remedied that issue.

I may be a little rusty and my cards probably won't be up to the current meta, but I'm definitely having fun and so should you!

Have you tried out the campaigns in Lightseekers?

"I'm not well equipped to handle such a beating from the Fabled Blubberfish!"

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