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WWII Card Game Deep War In Final Days On Kickstarter


Here is an interesting WWII based card game up on Kickstarter right now.

Let’s Play: Hey Comrade!


Today we’re joined by Samuel with his own game, Hey Comrade!

Vampire: The Eternal Struggle Card Game Returns


White Wolf Publishing have announced that they are working with Black Chantry Productions to relaunch the classic collectable card game Vampire: The Eternal Struggle.

USAopoly Announce Four New “Magical” Harry Potter Games


USAopoly is ramping up the magic this year as they announced 3 new Harry Potter games and one based in the world of Fantastic Beasts, all to drop this fall!

FFG Releases New Star Wars: Destiny Rules Reference


Fantasy Flight Games has announced the next release of the Star Wars Destiny Rules Reference. It hopes to create a balance in the Force!

Dr. Who Fluxx Available This November!


Do you love Dr. Who AND card games? Then you’re going to love the latest version of Fluxx headed this way in November- Dr. Who Fluxx!

Hasbro And Netflix Team Up For Stranger Things Card Game


The second season of Stranger Things is heading our way, and with it comes its very own card game from Hasbro and Netflix, and assumedly Kellogg’s.

New Hybrid As Magic Meets Board Game In Explorers Of Ixalan


This November, fans of Magic the Gathering will get a new twist to play the game they know and love. Explorers of Ixalan is a multiplayer, hybrid card game/board game that combines Magic with a tile exploration mechanic.

Journey from Tabletop: GWENT – Getting Started


Combine bluffing, on-the-fly decision making and careful deck construction in GWENT: The Witcher Card Game

Fantasy Flight Games Show Star Wars Destiny Spoilers


Preview the Champions of the Force in Empire at War

Potato Pirates Card Game Has More Than What You May First Think


A swashbuckling game of carbs and strategy

Steamforged Games Invite You To Dark Souls Again With New Title


Enter the world of Dark Souls again in this upcoming cooperative card game

The Return Of The Classic Arcade Game Burger Time Comes To Kickstarter


Relive your childhood days spent at the arcade with one of the classics, Burger Time now on Kickstarter.

Arkham Horror Card Game Expansion Sends You To The Asylum


It looks like the Arkham Horror Card Game has finally eroded your sanity as the new expansion, The Unspeakable Oath, sends you to the asylum.

Let’s Play: Escape the Dark Castle


Tonight we Escape the Dark Castle!

Take Risks For Blood and Water In New Android Netrunner Expansion


Fantasy Flight Games have released the latest sixty card expansion for Android Netrunner, continuing the cyber war for Mars in Blood and Water.

Let’s Play: Dragons & Chickens With Devir Games


Let’s Play: Checkpoint Charlie With Devir Games


Napoleon Saga Marches Into Kickstarter From Oeuf Cube Editions


Looking to play some of the grand battles of the Napoleonic Wars, but don’t want to drag out hundreds of minis? Then you might want to check out this Kickstarter.

The American Civil War Is In The Cards With North Vs. South On Kickstarter


If you are interested in the American Civil War and looking at games based on this time period, why not take a look at this new game on Kickstarter.

Fantasy Flight Games Releases More Information About Legend Of The Five Rings


Fantasy Flight Games Saved Legend of the Five Rings from becoming legend and now shows us the new version.