Card Game Cabo Gets A Makeover In New Release

January 10, 2019 by cassn

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Bézier Games is re-releasing the card game Cabo for 2019 with all new artwork! Originally released back in 2010, Cabo is an interesting memory card game where players attempt to minimize the value of their card through peeking at their own card, spying and swapping their card with their opponent.


At the end of the round, if a player thinks they have the lowest value card, they call "Cabo", however, each player still has one more turn to steal the win!


Now Bézier Games have said they will be releasing a new edition with new art designs. However, fans need not fear - the company has promised the new design will still reflect the old style of the game. Fans will have to wait until March 2019 for the new release, but until then, you can keep up to date through the Bézier Games website.

What do you think of this artwork?

"The new design will still reflect the old style of the game"

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