Rule Over The Wreckage Of Rennova In Two Robots

June 16, 2019 by cassn

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Two Robots is a strategic, fast-paced set collection card game in which players battle for control of the planet of Rennova, the last refuge of the human race following the destruction of Earth.

Quick to ensure technological advances on their new home, the humans built AI that they couldn't control, and were forced to seek shelter underground as the robotic War of the Five Factions raged above them.


Seeing only one hope for their survival, the humans unleashed an all-powerful Xanadranium bomb to destroy the robots. However, a few robots survived, imbued with the power from the radiation of the blast. These are the Scavengers - the remaining heads of the Five Factions, and they're getting ready for another war.


In Two Robots, you play as a Scavenger, seeking to either build two complete robots from the wreckage or eliminate all other factions and finally control Rennova. Collect robot parts, steal them from opponents, freeze them to prevent them being used, or destroy parts to ensure the other factions can't get them!


Players build robots by creating 'stacks' of robot parts which require similar energies (colour) to function. Attack and defense cards can be played based on the number of stacks which a player currently has. Once four robot parts are matched, a robot is created which can be used to attack opponents.


Each faction comes with its own set of unique abilities which can aid attack or building, so strategy is essential, both in building and in combat. Destroy your competitors, or build two fully functional robots, to be declared the victor of the War of the Five Factions!


Two Robots is a really interesting stand-alone card game which provides players with multiple ways to win and several strategic options for play. The variable player powers and immersive storyline keep the game engaging, while the short game time, bright artwork, and easy to learn rules mean even new gamers will enjoy their role in this robot war!

Two Robots is currently fully funded on Kickstarter, and it's unlocking some fantastic upgrades, so boot up your virtual credits and teleport across to the campaign now!

Which Faction would you use to control Rennova? Comment below!

"Immersive storyline!"

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