Master The Oceanic Abyss With Keyforge’s Dark Tidings

March 4, 2021 by fcostin

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Fantasy Flight Games have now released the newest set of cards for the unique deck game Keyforge. With this new release, there are now even more remixes and combinations of cards added with the Dark Tidings set, the fifth set of Archon Decks. 

New Decks Available // Keyforge Dark Tidings

Alike other Keyforge releases, Dark Tidings is also available to be purchased in several different formats. You can pick up the cards alone with the Archon Deck, pick up the tools for one player to either begin with the Deluxe Archon Deck or if you are looking to start your antics into the world of Keyforge, the Two Player Starter Set provides everything you and one other player needs to head into the adventures on the Crucible.

House Unfathomable // Keyforge Dark Tidings

Along with the new set of cards, Dark Tidings comes with a brand new house in tow. Introducing House Unfathomable - a selection of lethal deep-sea dwelling creatures and savage humanoids, ready to cause havoc in the aquatic abyss.  

House Unfathomable is known for taking control of their enemies to the point of exhaustion however the tides that disrupt the crucible are an area that this new house can champion.  The new Tide card available in the new decks allowing multiple cards in the deck to become more powerful and can work to your benefit, but your opponent’s downfall. 

The Wrath of the Evil Twin // Keyforge Dark Tidings

Did somebody say you could compete against your evil twin? The Dark Tidings set includes the evil twin variants of many creatures in the deck. And this addition is not just purely for aesthetic. These evil twins may contain brand new artwork and design, but these counterparts have new abilities that are not to be reckoned with. 

The tides are changing in Keyforge, with brand new cards for you to explore the dark corners of the ocean, side-by-side with House Unfathomable. 

What do you think of the Rising Tides Deck for Keyforge? 

"...a selection of lethal deep-sea dwelling creatures and savage humanoids, ready to cause havoc in the aquatic abyss"

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