Painting Journal Update #2: Getting Back Into Burrows & Badgers!

April 7, 2020 by brennon

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Oathsworn Miniatures recently delivered their Burrows & Badgers Kickstarter rewards for their latest campaign and so I've been spending the last few days painting up some of the miniatures from that collection! I thought since we're going to be diving into lots more hobby together over the coming weeks that I'd share my progress with you and maybe we can also share some tips!

Update #2 - Swashbuckling Cats & Attempting Tartan

I'm back for another quick update on how I'm doing in isolation right now as I paint up the backlog of Burrows & Badgers figures that I have in my collection. This time around I got working on a new model and on you saw earlier. We start with my finished Swashbuckler Cat/Cat Duelist!

cast swash 1

This fellow was a lot of fun to paint. I tend to find myself painting with a lot of earthy tones and such but Burrows & Badgers really lets me go wild with the colours. This dashing Cat surely looks best with some extravagant colours in the mix and I think pink, purple, blue and orange works perfectly right?

cat swash 2

As you can see, I've gone for a very blocky highlighting style which tends to look very good from a little further away. As it stands though, I think it looks pretty good close up too and really made things pop a little more. This time around I went for Nuln Oil instead of Agrax Earthshade so it stepped away from being muddy and instead settled into the cracks as proper shadows.

Here is also where I get very excited as I managed to actually to paint a very poor version of tartan onto my Squirrel! This is the nearly finished model with the tartan popping up around his shoulders.

squirrel 1

You can also see it in more detail on the rear of the model. I'm not going to lie, it took a really long time to do and I'm still not happy with it but it serves as a nice addition! It was a mix of black, red, white and blue in order to make it pop over the standard green base layer I had for the Squirrel.

squirrel 2

Since I was able to do it and sort of making it look great I have now decided I'm going to attempt it on my other models too. The Highland Terrier is going to get an upgrade soon as will the Wildcat Warrior which is sitting on my painting desk.

Update #1 - Red Kites & Highland Squirrels

It's been just over a week since I kicked this off and so I thought it would be a good idea to dive in and show off what I've managed to finish and what is up next from the collection. This week I took the time to finish the wash and final detail work/drybrushing on the Red Kite.

Red Kite fin

This took the form of doing a quick wash with Agrax Eartshade before going back over the white with a drybrush and a little bit extra on the red/brown around the centre of the Red Kite. I also went back in and finished up the yellow on the beak and eye to make them pop. The next stage is to do some basing work but I'll sort that out when I've done more of the models.

Also, I began work on a Squirrel Clansman from the latest Kickstarter collection. So far this is him with the basic orange laid down followed by a wash.

Red Squirrel

He will then get himself a little bit of a drybrush with the orange again to pick out the raised bits of the fur before I go in and work on the rest of the model. THIS is the fellow that I'm going to use to test out my luck with tartan so wish me luck!

Highland Hound!

First off we have some of the more finished work that I've done by this wonderful Highland Terrier which was part of the latest Kickstarter. I don't really enjoy the idea of painting white fur as I find that it doesn't come out very well but I think that I managed to get the rather shaggy nature of this fellow on point!

West Highland Terrier #1

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There are a few elements of the model I'm not entirely sold on like the eyes but I think that it matches what I've done so far within the collection so that is a plus!

West Highland Terrier #2

I was particularly pleased that this little fellow got added to the campaign because I'm working towards making a Highlands Clans warband next for the game. I have everything lined up in terms of the kind of warband I want to make and so this fellow will play an integral part in that. You would think that I would be attempting to work on some tartan to match this Highlands theme but I just can't bring myself to try it! If anyone has some good tips for very simple tartan patterns then I am all ears!

A Cheeky Mole!

As well as the Highland Terrier above I also took some time to do something entirely devoid of white! Here is the finished look for my Miner Mole who might show up as an NPC or something in some of my future games.


I used this model as a nice way to slide me back into the painting world. Because there wasn't a lot of work that needed doing on the model in terms of base coating and the like it seemed like a great starting point to get those painting muscles working again. So, I went for a nice contrast between the red and the blue here as well as the grey/black skin which I think worked out very nicely.

There isn't a lot to the miniature but it's a rather fun one to paint up and very easy to get ready for the tabletop. I am very much considering working out how to add some wandering creatures into my games of Burrows & Badgers and I think that this fellow would be a perfect option for that. I like the idea that you might be looking for treasure on the table and instead of a chest, you find this chap who has just burrowed up and run off with the coin! It could add another element of fun to a game where you're suddenly trying to track this pesky mole!

Red Kite!

Last but not least has been the challenge of painting up the massive Red Kite which was also included as part of their recent campaign. This fellow is going to be added into the mix for my Highlands Clan as well but it was quite the intimidating creature to replicate with paints!

Red Kite #1

If you've not seen a Red Kit before, check out their patterning HERE. They are absolutely fascinating looking birds and there is a lot more depth to their feathers and patterning than you'd think. What I've done here is to take a more abstract approach to their colours and do it in blocks rather than to mix it all together. It doesn't look quite as realistic as I'd have hoped but I think it manages to get the core colours of the Red Kite across.

The miniature has taken a while to paint as it's so big but currently it's very much at the basecoat stage. I've done all of the tidying up that needs doing for the miniature and the next step is to go in with a wash and then some drybrushed highlights to bring it back to life.

Red Kite #2

I am a massive fan of the Red Kite after seeing them soaring around in Wales and such recently and so I want to try and do the bird as much justice as possible. Hopefully, I'll be able to achieve that and then use it as my scout and ranger in some games of Burrows & Badgers down the line.

Check Out My Full Burrows & Badgers Project Here

I have a handful of miniatures to paint up and over the next few days and weeks, I'll be putting some updates into this post here so you can see what progress I've made and hopefully give me a nudge in the right direction too.

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