Blood & Plunder: No Peace Beyond The Line Kickstarter Launches!

June 21, 2017 by brennon

New crews and ships do battle in the expansion to Blood & Plunder called No Peace Beyond The Line. The Kickstarter has now gone live from Firelock Games...

Blood & Plunder No Peace Beyond The Line

This new expansion for the game sees the Dutch and the Native Caribbeans going to war...

"Blood is on the horizon! The iron grip of Iberian Domination is eclipsing the 17th century Caribbean as the world races to seize its spoils. Join the emerging Dutch Republic as it battles for its place among the established European powers or defy foreign incursion as a Darien King in this expansion to Blood and Plunder, No Peace Beyond the Line."

So what exactly is inside this new book?

  • Optional rules for playing games on a greater scale or with more than two players
  • A campaign system
  • Special characters that players will be able to add to units
  • New units and factions for the existing nationalities
  • New nationalities including the Dutch and Native Caribbeans
  • New ships: Piragua, Fluyt andΒ the Galleon!
  • Factions for expanded nationalities such as Danes, Swedes, Prussians, and Portuguese

All of this sounds awesome with the addition of new factions in the mix and of course those Galleons. Who could pass up a massive ship to do battle on?

B&P Ships

Make sure that you've been following Blood & Plunder Week here on Beasts Of War to get more information on the game and learn about the rules but without further ado we better see what faction and more are coming for this expansion!

New Factions

Of course, we have to zero in on the two factions that are the main focus of this expansion and the conflicts that arise between them. So, here we have both the Dutch...

The Dutch

...and the Native Caribbeans.

Native Caribbeans

Each of these factions plays in a different way which is interesting. The Dutch for example while being a powerful force of their own could actually find themselves drafting in help from other crews. This means you can use these new Dutch sailors with some of your existing crews.

The Natives sound fascinating too as they seem to enjoy a bit of hit and run on the tabletop. Since there are of course a lot more of them too you might be able to surround your enemy and pepper them to death with arrows.

As well as that we see European Land Forces as you can see here...

European Land Forces

...charging into battle on their horses. Colonies were soon able to bring their own armed forces to bear and so you'll see more fighting on shore with this expansion no doubt. I don't think horses do well on water!

You can also get your hands on some new Pirates & Privateers.

Pirates & Privateers

Working as a standalone set or in combination with your existing collection of scumbags from the sea, this lot are looking great. There are lots of new individually posed sculpts for adding some variety to your crew.

You can see how each of these crews breaks down into their Starter Forces over on the Kickstarter page but the real question is which one you're going to pick up?

Ships & Legendary Commanders

It wouldn't be a game set on the high seas if there weren't some ships to throw into the mix. With this new Kickstarter Firelock Games are offering up their existing range of ships as well as the Galleon.


These are some superb looking ships and the resin hulls are packed with detail. When you mix in some of the rigging and start work on the sails these come to life. You can learn about how to build and paint one of these ships via our PLOG as we started to build the Blood & Plunder table HERE.

You can also get your hands on some new Commanders to lead your forces. Here are some famous faces from History...

Legendary Commanders

All you have to do is open up that image to read a bit more about them and get excited about telling their tales.

Stretch Goals are also coming along the way as the campaign ramps up including some metal coins/doubloons as well as characters like the Governor and a Canoe! Oh, don't forget to find the Disguised Female Sailor on their Kickstarter page to as an exclusive to this project!

Will you be backing this campaign?

"This new expansion for the game sees the Dutch and the Native Caribbeans going to war..."

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