Reckless Hearts Meet As Corvus Belli Reveal Aristeia! Expansion

July 15, 2019 by dracs

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Corvus Belli have provided us a look at a new expansion on the way for Aristeia!, bringing two new characters to clash within the HexaDome.

The expansion gives players new options in the form of a fighter and a warrior: Axl Steel, the martial artist of the Human Edge, and Hippolyta, Queen of the Amazons.

Hard As Steel

Axl Steel is a martial artist who practices a mix of kickboxing, classic boxing, and judo.

He lost his limbs and eyes while working the most dangerous jobs in the mines on the Human Edge. However, the bionic replacements (which he had to purchase from the company he worked for, subsequently leaving him in debt to them) have made him, if anything, and even more formidable fighter.

In Aristeia!, Axl works as a debuffer, able to inflict -2 speed on the opponent, while using his own speed to snatch victory.

From Amazon To Aristeia!

Hippolyta is another of ALEPH's recreations, bringing legendary figures to the forefront of the Infinity world.

She started out as the star of the Oxyd channel's successful series Myrmidon Wars, but her notoriety grew to such an extent that she was taken from the holoscreens on into Aristeia!

Hippolyta serves as a natural leader, delving into the thick of the fray, while boosting her team's Initiative and decreasing that of her opponents.

The characters in this expansion are both fantastic miniatures (with Axl being a particular favourite of mine). They also add an interesting development for the game, being the first time in which States can be imposed without the need to roll.

This set will be available to pre-order from July 16th.

Do you like the tactical options this set brings with it? 

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