Get In The Star Wars Mood For Rogue One!

December 16, 2016 by crew

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Today is a special day for everyone who loves the world of Star Wars as Rogue One is out for folks to go and see. We're very excited and should get to see it next week.

Rogue One

If you're looking to embrace Star Wars on the tabletop however come and see what we've been doing...

X-Wing - Strike On Endor Battle Report

First off we have our massive Strike On Endor/Endor Aftermath Live Blog Battle Report where we designed our own scenario and then played out an in-atmosphere battle between the Rebels and what was left of the Empire. It was a lot of fun.

You can read more about how Killian tweaked the rules HERE.

Star Wars: Endor Aftermath Rules Download

As well as that we also then made the rules available for you to download. So, if you have some spare terrain and a few ships you can give this a go tonight when you're back home!

It was a lot of fun coming up with exactly how the land units were going to move around and the scenario you play out is a tightly fought contest!

Star Wars Pocket Models

A while back now Oriskany also came up with some ways in which you could take Star Wars onto the tabletop while using Pocket Models.

Star Wars Pocket Models

You can learn more by following his article series and maybe you could give this a go over the weekend.

Building The Hoth Table

One of our biggest project, and something that managed to make it all the way across the Atlantic, was the Hoth table we built and designed a scenario around. You can see the table in all it's glory below...

This was a massive success at Salute and AdeptiCon this year with people really enjoying playing the game as well as looking at it.

Watch these VLOGS where we also delved into more detail when it came to building the table HERE and HERE.

Sorastro's Painting - Star Wars: Imperial Assault

Last but certainly not least we have to give a shout out to Sorastro's Painting who has been creating some amazing looking tutorials showing off how to paint the models from Imperial Assault. In this one he paints Darth Vader.

You can find more painting tutorials on the link above and by heading over to his Youtube channel.

Other Star Wars Awesomeness

As well as what's here on Beasts of War you might want to also check out these neat games...

  • Star Wars: Rebellion - A fantastic two player board game where you fight out the struggles of the original trilogy.
  • Star Wars: Imperial Assault - Play as heroes or villains in this dungeon crawler style game. You can see our review of the game HERE!
  • Star Wars: Armada - Fly massive capital ships like the Star Destroyer and blast the rebel scum from the skies. Check out our review HERE!
  • Star Wars: Destiny - Pick up the new Collectable Dice Game from Fantasy Flight and watch our play through HERE.

Make sure to check out all things Star Wars here on Beasts Of War and let us know if Rogue One met with your approval - no spoilers!

Get your thoughts in the comments below!

"Make sure to check out all things Star Wars here on Beasts Of War and let us know if Rogue One met with your approval - no spoilers!"

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