Unboxing: Artel W Miniatures – Skawt N’ Rekkon Skwad

August 27, 2019 by crew

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Justin and Gerry are back reviewing the newest Artel W Miniature's collection of Skawt N' Rekkon Skwad.

Unboxing: Artel W Miniatures - Skawt 'n' Rekkon Skwad

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With these five Orcs on the tabletop, you're bound to fit an amazing scenario of Pulp Vietnam War or a rescue mission for D&D. If you're stuck for ideas, perhaps looking back at some old Schwarzenegger or Stallone movies to get your creative juices flowing. We've even got our own Norn Iron Ninja Orc to sneak up on enemy territory and plant some flegs.

What would you use these Orcs for?

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