Spring Cleaning Hobby Challenge Winners Announced!

June 26, 2019 by crew

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Over the last couple of months, we ran the Spring Cleaning Hobby Challenge where you were tasked with taking old models, forgotten projects and more before then getting stuck back into them, breathing a new lease of life into your collection. Now, we have some winners to announce!

Spring Cleaning Hobby Challenge Winners Announced!

It's fair to say that the projects we saw pop up have been an inspiration to all of us and we were bowled over by the number of people getting involved with this. We might have to try and run this every year to get people to work through their forgotten projects!

Best Tutoring: newbolter "Spring Cleaning In The Burrows"

The Best Tutoring award went to newbolter who was cracking out some old terrain projects that they had been working on for use in Burrows & Badgers. As you will have seen from following the project, a lot of work went into explaining just how they went around building the various buildings and other terrain accessories for the tabletop.


Whilst we have all sorts of wonderful ways to create terrain nowadays it's good to see some of us still going back to the old classics and using bits of wood and everything we find around the house in order to create terrain.


It's pretty cool what you can do with matchsticks, coffee stirrers, the heads of pins and maybe a little bit of modelling putty.


It was a real joy looking through this project and seeing someone take all of the ideas they'd been working on and pushing forward with them in the hopes of finishing off a tabletop. One of the big things about this hobby is learning from others and newbolter sure put forward a whole bunch of little projects for people to draw from!

Best Skill: carlospictor "Spring Cleaning A Stompa!"

Next up we're looking to the project which might have possibly won all three categories in the end. carlospictor took on the challenge of finishing off a Stompa that they had been working on over a decade ago and...well, see for yourself!


Starting out life as a boshed together kit from all sorts of household objects alongside weapons from Games Workshop's range, this was quite the mammoth task to try and finish in the month we offered up to community members. I think you'll agree though that this rather epic looking Stompa turned out pretty amazing and you can see why they scored so highly!


Who would have thought that this particular model was made out of old cat food bowls, spare plastic tubes and scavenged pipes? It looks absolutely fantastic and a lot of attention to detail has gone into this, from the final paint job through to the weathering and crew too.


This is a well-deserved winner of Best Skill. It's certainly been an inspiration to us as we've been contemplating how we build big miniatures in the future. Well done!

Best Idea: milmaa "Wolf Lord Warzan And His Spring Clean"

Next up we're looking to Best Idea. Considering the theme of this particular challenge was taking something old or forgotten and making it into something new, milmaa was voted as having hit that particular nail on the head.


This old Space Wolf army was looking good but it needed a bit of care and attention. So, they set about turning it into a force which would be tabletop ready and more importantly, up to milmaa's standards!


As the project went through its various stages, milmaa started work on all sorts of characters and troops in order to make this army pop on the tabletop. It fully embraced the idea of turning a forgotten project into something new and we reckon they should be very proud of the finished result.

I commend anyone who does a bit of cramming, and as milmaa saw the finished line approaching it was great to see more and more squads coming to life.


As we said, fully embracing the spirit of the competition, milmaa deserves that Best Idea accolade and maybe their work has inspired you to start work on one of your old armies too.


Each of the winners has managed to get themselves a £50 Voucher for the OnTableTop Store which you can spend on whatever you like! Hopefully, it will spur you onto the next project where you can showcase more of your brilliant painting and hobby skills.

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As well as the three winners for each of the main categories we also put forth a category for a Young Beast but since there were no entries for this particular category this time around we thought we'd switch it up and offer a Staff Pick instead. So, another £50 Voucher went to...

Staff Pick: shingen "Cyberpunk Diorama"

shingen did something pretty special that caught our eye, especially that of Sam. Whilst a lot of people were taking old miniatures and repainting them, shingen went that one step further and built themselves something rather awesome to sit on the bookshelf. Here was the inspiration for this particular project...


I think you'll agree that that is quite the brilliant bookend! Well, when shingen realised they had a bunch of miniatures that they hadn't looked at for a long time, they went out of their way to paint them up and add them into a bookend of their own design.


This was a wonderful opportunity to not only play around with terrain making but also painting and the final result is one that will no doubt delight anyone who looks closely at shingen's bookshelf!


For being particular inventive we thought we'd give shingen our staff pick!

We thought all of the work from this particular challenge was fantastic. We recommend diving back into the list of other projects to look at some of the other brilliant work for yourself as maybe you'll find inspiration there to help you with your next endeavour.

Would you like to see us run a Spring Cleaning Hobby Challenge every year?

"Would you like to see us run a Spring Cleaning Hobby Challenge every year?"

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