Relic Knights Week: Meet The Factions – Star Nebula Corsairs

January 19, 2017 by dignity

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Its time to set sail beyond the edge of civilised space in Relic Knights as we look to join the ranks of the Star Nebula Corsairs, genuine bona fide space pirates!

Relic Knights Week: Meet The Factions - Star Nebula Corsairs

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The Star Nebula Corsairs are a flexible faction as they are just as comfortable laying down firepower as they are getting up close and personal in melee combat. Also did I mention they're space pirates!

Big Prizes To Be Won

It wouldn’t be a themed week without some prizes to give away and we’ve got some great goodies lined up…

  • 4 x Two Player Packs –  Starter Forces Of Your Choice + Rules
  • 1 x Star Prize – Two Player Starter Set Of Awesomeness – Expanded Forces of the Winners Choice + Rules AND he/she gets to work with the design team to Create A Character for Relic Knights!

All you’re going to need to do is comment on the videos next week across FacebookYouTube and Beasts Of War to be in with a chance of winning these epic prizes.

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Apart from Justin, who else wants to be a space pirate?

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