Beasts of War 2015 Gaming Awards: The Winners

March 6, 2016 by lloyd

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Now we have reached the final show for the Beasts of War 2015 Gaming Awards. We're going to be finding out who is going to be the winner in each of the categories as we whittle the chosen finalists down from four to just one...

A reminder of the categories...

  • Best Miniatures Game of 2015
  • Best Board or Card Game of 2015
  • Best Game Expansion of 2015
  • Best Gaming Artwork of 2015
  • Best Gaming Accessory of 2015
  • Best Terrain Product of 2015
  • Best Paint Job of 2015
  • Best Model Kit of 2015

If you missed the Finalists Live Blog then you can check that out HERE. You will be able to find out who the four were on each category and from there ponder on who you think might come out on top.

Find out if your bets were right!

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