FireForge’s Forgotten World Range Releasing In October

September 23, 2019 by brennon

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FireForge Games has now got to the stage where you can snag yourself the Forgotten World range. With a release in October, you'll be able to get both their Living Dead and Northmen plastics for use in your Fantasy games.

Living Dead Warriors - FireForge

There are six different plastic sets for you to snap up starting with the Living Dead Warriors above which give you a band of shambling creatures who have been summoned from their graves. You can also get yourself a set of Living Dead Peasants which will be useful when building up the bulk of your force.

Living Dead Peasants - FireForge Games

I really like what they've been doing with this plastic range and it will be very good for those diving in to try and create general and setting-agnostic armies for use in Fantasy games. If you're exploring the likes of Age Of Magic and Warlords Of Erehwon for example this would be a good release, to begin with. There's also this range of angry looking Living Dead Knights too.

Living Dead Knights - FireForge Games

I like that they've gone with the idea that the Knights are riding zombified horses rather than full skeletal ones and I think that helps to keep the proportions in line. Here you can see the command element of the set which allows you to make six of these mounted warriors.

Defend The North

As well as the Living Dead there are also some valiant looking Northmen who are ready to try and stop them. The first three sets consist of the Northmen Warriors who are very reminiscent of a certain dire wolf-loving House.

Northmen Warriors - FireForge Games

As well as those soldiers which would be good for the core of your force you also have a band of Northmen Bowmen who will be raining down arrows on your enemies in hopes of stopping their advance.

Northmen Bowmen - FireForge Games

I really like this set and love that there are a nice variety of options in there with hooded heads, helmeted ones and also distinct poses which allow you to create a firing line whilst others are reloading behind. The little braziers are a nice touch too as some of the men light their arrows.

Finishing things off for the Northmen we also have the Northmen Cavalry.  Again, I think the proportions have been tweaked nicely here and they work very well as the core of a strike force.

Northmen Cavalry - FireForge Games

This would be a fantastic set to break the lines of undead and send them shattering back into their graves. They might have a very specific theme to them but I think they would work as a good generic human army in all sorts of settings. You'd just paint them in different ways to make them match and maybe change a few heads.

Will you be diving into this range when it releases in October?

"I think they would work as a good generic human army in all sorts of settings..."

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