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Turanga the Shuuro Expansion


Warren and Alessio sit down to look at Turanga, the first expansion for Shuuro. In the box are two more sets of chess pieces, enough to turn the two player Shuuro in to a four player game! That’s even more fun than just you vs. your friend.

Shuuro, Chess with a Twist!


Warren and Alessio Cavatore sit down for a chat about his new game, Shuuro and to tell the truth it's a great game taking the form of the classic chess set and then going one step farther in to the realms of wargaming.

First Look: Black Powder | Warlord Games


Warren and Darrell get Historical on us and plunge into the world of the Black Powder Rulebook

New Concept Mech Design from Micropanzer Wargames


As I'm really getting into Secrets of the 3rd Reich, I've been scouring the web looking for 28-33mm scale mech models with a suitably Weird World War 2 vibe. Using my incredibly weak Google-Fu, I stumbled across this lovely looking concept video from Micropanzer Wargames. They're not a company I've seen before, but they produce a neat range. Check out the new Mech design they are working on in the YouTube Video!

Sumptuous Sci-Fi


Studio McVey has long been known for its top-end miniature design and manufacture. Join me as I take a look at their latest range of sci-fi miniatures with a very "traditional" feel.

My… What Big Teeth you Have!


Does that special someone in your life have a penchant for wolves? Why not get them a set of riding wolves from Masquerade Miniatures.

Alessio Cavatore | River Horse


In this final video Warren and Alessio have a chat about the Company River Horse, where its going what they can do and why the hippo....

Win Ultramarines Movie Tickets | Competition


Winners have been selected! Hey guys listen up this is your chance to go to see the Ultramarines movie this weekend with Beasts of War. To be in with a chance you’ll need to be a member of the site (, you need to be sixteen or over and be able to get to Soho in London this Saturday, just drop a comment on this post telling us just why you think you should get to come with us, and we’ll pick two lucky people to come along.

Dark Eldar HQ Choices | First Look


They guys continue the weekend by talking about the Dark Eldar HQ choices and Darrell get's quite tongue tied by there names lol.

Dark Eldar Heavy Support | First Look


hey guys Darrell and Andy move on the the next part of the Codex for the new Dark Eldar, talking about the Heavy Support choices you can take.

Dark Eldar Fast Attack | First Look


Darrell and Andy look at the fast attack for the Dark Eldar and see what beastly things they can find.

Dark Eldar Elites | First Look


Darrell and Andy chat about the elite options in the new Dark Eldar codex. Deciding what they would take or leave and have a look at some of the fun rules. BoW Lloyd.

Dark Eldar Reavers | First Look


Hey guys more Dark Eldar for you, Andy gets out the new Reavers, another great kit that looks like its going to be really fun when we get them out on the table.

Dark Eldar Kabalite Warriors | First Look


Today Andy has a look at the new kabalite warriors from the dark elder, overall some really cool models but what will Andy make of them?

Dark Eldar Troops | First Look


Ok guys, so Darrell and Andy have started in on the Codex and are going to look at the troops first as there going to be the core of Andy’s new army drop a few comments and let us know what you thing or what you’re planning to get.

Dark Eldar Raider | First Look


Hey guys, Andy has moved on to the new Dark Eldar Raider and seems to love this excellent kit.

Dark Eldar | First Look


Ok guys you’ve been asking for it so here we go, Andy and Darrell take their first look in to the Dark Eldar codex and chat about the general special rules for the army and have a think about just what Andy should get for his new army.

Warhammer Week: A first look at the Warhammer Fantasy book


Warren and Darrell check out the 8th edition Rulebook for Warhammer Fantasy.

First Look: How to Paint Citadel Tanks | Warhammer 40k


How to paint Citadel Tanks, The hobby book

First Look: Spearhead | Warhammer 40k


Here. John Warren and Darrell have a look at what Spearhead actually is.

First Look: Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay | Fantasy Flight Games


John and Darrell have a look at Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay

Warhammer Ancient Battles


Warren and Darrell get a leaf through the new Book

First Look: Freebooters Fate | Freebooter Miniatures


Warren and Darrell have a first look at Freebooters Fate

First Look: AT-43 First Impressions | AT-43


Darrell and Warren have a look over some AT-43

First Look: Battle Missions | Warhammer 40k


John and Warren take some time out to have a flick through the new Battle Missions scenario book

BEASTMEN – A Reading


Warren, gives us an insight to the unatural behaviour of the beastmen.

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