The American Big Guns Lock & Load For Flames Of War 4th Edition

September 21, 2017 by brennon

Battlefront has been showing off some more of the American kit that will be landing to take part in their desert war for Flames Of War 4th Edition. Take a look at the new tanks and more...

M3 Lee Tank Platoon

Leading the way we have the M3 Lee Tank Platoon which comes with five plastic models for you to bring in more support for the backbone of your force.

This was an odd and ungainly vehicle and was almost botched together but it still served admirably considering the hasty nature of its production. A crucial tank for a period of war where more armour was in dire need.

Destroying enemy tanks is the job of the M10 3-Inch Tank Destroyer Platoon.

M10 3-Inch Tank Destroyer Platoon

This vehicle had one job. It would hunt the sands of Tunisia and put holes in enemy tanks with ease. A potent weapon in the American arsenal and one that you'll have to watch out for on the tabletop as an Axis player.

Infantry Support

It's not only the vehicles rolling into 4th Edition either as we also have some new kits for your infantry sections too. Released this month we also have the 37mm Anti-Tank Gun Platoon...

37mm Anti-tank Gun Platoon

...and the Mortar Platoon which will make for some extra cover as your soldiers march forwards towards objectives. Painted examples of these models are available on the product links here if you're interested.

Mortar Platoon

This really feeds into the idea of combined arms play on the tabletop and having a lot of choices when it comes to suppression and moving forwards with supporting fire. I always like it when we see more infantry in Flames Of War too, I think we see far too many tanks!

Fighting First Support

In addition to the book and the models, you can also pick up the Fighting First Command Cards in October.

Fighting First Command Cards

The Command Cards are something Battlefront has been playing around with for a while and they help to characterise and customise your force going forward with special rules to make them feel more like their Historical counterparts rather than a generic cookie cutter American force.

Optional objectives, special rules and hidden ploys are present in these card packs to really spice up your games and add an edge of the unknown to proceedings.

You will also be able to grab the Mission Cards too.

Mission Cards

These Mission Cards give you alternative sets ups, new scenarios and more to play out but presented on cards so you can add a random element to how your games are set up as well.

Are you going to be playing Americans in 4th Edition?

"In addition to the book and the models, you can also pick up the Fighting First Command Cards in October..."

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