Flames Of War’s Avanti Launches February 9th

February 1, 2018 by brennon

Bringing the Italians into the mix for Flames Of War and World War II, Avanti will launch with the new book and model range on February 9th.

Avanti - Flames Of War

Rumbling into battle, you're going to find yourself getting access to all of the Italian forces for the period. Of course, this means models but it also throws into the mix historically accurate designs for the forces you'll be using so you can see if you are as good a general on the tabletop.

The Command Cards also help add a personal touch to your force. As well as giving you traits and such to help shape your force you'll also find those customisation options that can spice up games too.

Avanti Command Cards - Flames Of War

The Command Cards are a great option, borrowed from what we saw in Warhammer 40,000 more or less, that help you with army building and allow you to sacrifice a few points here and there for special rules instead.

Lorenzo's Rams

The main force that will form the baseline for your army is Lorenzo's Rams...

Lorenzo's Rams - Flames Of War

This mix of tanks and artillery tells you pretty much all you need to know about the Italians. Plenty of tanks rushing forward over the sand, supported by sustained artillery fire in the background to help pin down your enemy.

"Lorenzo's Ram is a mix of tanks and artillery containing the light M14/41 armed to take on infantry and light tanks, the harder punching Semovente tanks manned by their courageous Italian crews and both supported by the elite Italian artillery using 100mm Howitzers. With fierce determination, the Italians are ready to take on what the Allies have to throw at them."

Will you be picking up the Italians when they launch next week?

Drop your thoughts below...

"With fierce determination, the Italians are ready to take on what the Allies have to throw at them..."

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